New FREE .NET Training

Hello readers!

I wanted to let everyone who subscribes to my blog ( and those visiting for the first time) that there is a new You tube channel I have created tailored to your needs as .NET developers.

Who is this channel for?

Good question. This channel is for EVERYONE! I am in the middle of uploading videos for a series on ASP.NET MVC from beginner to advance lessons. Click Here.You will learn what MVC means, why it’s a great design pattern, as well as how to implemented it in the best way for excellent performance and future proofing your project code maintenance.

We also have a series for those of you just getting into the C# .NET space. Even for beginning programmers that haven’t touched code before. All you need is Visual Studio Express and the aptitude to LEARN! Click HERE to visit that series.

The playlists are constantly growing and so is what is in them. The best part about these tutorials is that they are based on real live scenarios. So you will never say ‘you must do it this way’ or ‘this is the proper way to do something’. The reason for this is that I write and do videos based on REAL LIFE Experience. Not textbook answers or solutions.

So join me in my journey as we explore together the .NET possibilities!!


About Gregg Coleman

I am Senior-level Software Engineer working primarily these days with .NET. I have a good working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, WCF web services and Windows Services. I spend much of my time in the Web Services (SOAP and REST) world in my current job designing and implementing various SOA architectures. I have been in the software engineering industry for about 6 years now and will not now nor ever consider myself an "expert" in programming because there is always so much to learn. My favorite thing about designing software is there are always new emerging technologies and something to learn every day! My current job has me spending much of my job on the bleeding edge of technologies and changing gears all the time, so I'm never bored and always challenged. On my spare time I enjoy weight training, reading and venturing to new places near by. Of course programing and learning new technologies are another hobby of mine.
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