SQL local cache issues

We’ve all been here. You added a new Table to your database, change / add a new column to a table. Once satisfied with your changes, you go to change or create a stored procedure expecting IntelliSense to pick everything up as VS would, but wait… You get a red squiggly for that new column. You check the spelling, you stare at the screen until you start crying because there is no way it’s wrong. So you execute the procedure and it completes successfully.

Wait.. What was that? It worked? Ok so we all hate this as well as the fact that the only real fix is to restart the application. Well, there is a solution. Not the best of all solutions, but a solution.

Apparently, you can clear the local cache by doing the following and everything will be right with the world again.

IntelliSense should be refreshed with the latest changes in database.
b) Go to Edit >> IntelliSense >> Refresh Local Cache



About Gregg Coleman

I am Senior-level Software Engineer working primarily these days with .NET. I have a good working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, WCF web services and Windows Services. I spend much of my time in the Web Services (SOAP and REST) world in my current job designing and implementing various SOA architectures. I have been in the software engineering industry for about 6 years now and will not now nor ever consider myself an "expert" in programming because there is always so much to learn. My favorite thing about designing software is there are always new emerging technologies and something to learn every day! My current job has me spending much of my job on the bleeding edge of technologies and changing gears all the time, so I'm never bored and always challenged. On my spare time I enjoy weight training, reading and venturing to new places near by. Of course programing and learning new technologies are another hobby of mine.
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1 Response to SQL local cache issues

  1. msuworld says:

    Control Shift R works for me always 🙂

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